On Site Workshop

  • Experienced mechanics capable of servicing full range of trucks and trailers.
  • Qualified Refrigeration Mechanic capable of servicing our full range of Thermo King units.
  • Tyre Fitter to monitor tyres ensuring maximum efficiency & to minimize tyre related breakdowns.

Vehicle Fleet

The Damorange fleet is modern with all Interstate Trucks maximum 7 years old, we run an aggressive replacement policy to ensure all Trucks are reliable and fully able to service our customer requirements.

  • Single Pan Trailer 22, 26, 28 Pallet Spaces,
  • B Double Pan Trailer – 32, 34, 40 Pallet Spaces
  • Tautliner Trailer
  • Rigid Trucks
  • Thermo King Fridge Units


Interstate Kenworth


Local Kenworth

Our Equipment & Technology

On Site Workshop

Our in house workshop enables us to minimise breakdowns and retain control over our equipment.

Vehicle Fleet

All our interstate Trucks an no more that 7 year old, which mean they are modern. We run an aggressive replacement policy.

Refrigeration Units

Thermo King or Carrier fridge units on all trailers also encompassing full temperature monitoring.

MT Data

Designed and built for the transport industry, industry-leading technology will provide comprehensive tools to monitor, track, communicate, and review our fleet.


The DriveCam Program (powered by the Lytx engine) identifies, prioritises and helps prevent the causes of poor driving before they lead to a collision.

Coretex iBright

The ibright® system is an advanced telematics solution which provides a wealth of business intelligence about fleet movements and individual assets

Freight 2020

Freight2020 is designed exclusively for the Australian road freight transport industry and kept up-to-the-minute with Australian regulatory compliance and administrative reporting requirements.

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